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In November 2016 the people of Arkansas approved the use of marijuana for a variety of medical conditions. Medical Canna Clinic is dedicated to helping you to learn if you have a qualifying medical condition and if medical marijuana will be right for you.

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The Medical Canna Clinic website has helpful information about the conditions that qualify for medical marijuana, the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes and what a person can expect, the different varieties of cannabis and how each may affect you, and the different forms in which it is available (topical, oral, and the traditional smokeable form).

Once you've scheduled an appointment at one of our clinics, If, after reviewing your medical records, obtaining your medical history, and performing a physical exam, our doctors determine that you have a qualifying medical condition then they will issue to you a letter of certification so that you can apply for a medical marijuana card from the state of Arkansas.

You can use this site to make sure you have all the necessary medical information (records, blood work, imaging, etc.) that our physicians will need in order to determine if you qualify. The handy menu across the top of each page will take you to more information about each of the areas of interest for medical marijuana.

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