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Medical Cannabis (Marijuana)

Marijuana has been used for thousands of years both for medicinal and recreational purposes. In recent years, its effectiveness at treating a variety of medical conditions has begun to be recognized by patients and physicians alike. Just a few of the symptoms it can help alleviate are nausea, vomiting, anorexia, pain, anxiety, and depression. The quality of life for many patients with a wide variety of medical conditions has been improved with the use of medical marijuana.

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For reasons that aren't clear marijuana was banned from any type of use in the U.S. many decades ago. Since then, getting cannabis approved for medical use has been a long hard fought battle. While it is still not legal at the federal level and not all states approve its use for medical purposes, Arkansas has finally taken the step of making it available to help those most in need.

Wikipedia has a great overview of medical marijuana, available here.

"Is it safe?" Is one of the most frequently asked questions about medical marijuana. It is difficult to answer that question statistically as the study of marijuana has been forbidden by the U.S. federal government. However, anecdotally, most any physician will tell you that it is exceedingly rare for a person to be admitted to the hospital for an illness related to marijuana use, while tens of thousands of people are admitted every day for disease related to smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol. That being said, marijuana is a drug and as such should be used carefully and responsibly. Other questions that are asked commonly include:
  • "Will I get addicted to drugs?" The short answer is no. There is no clear evidence that marijuana is addictive nor that it leads to the use of other "street" drugs.
  • "Will it make me high?" Marijuana can alter a person's awareness. Different cultivars deliver different side effects. Some patients prefer to use topical cannabis, while others may want to ingest it in food or inhale it through smoking or vapors. Topical application of cannabis usually does not make a person high.
  • "How will I know which medical cannabis product is right for me?" At this time, deciding which product you should use and the method of administration (smoking, topical, oral) will be a process of trial and error. Medical Canna Clinic recommends that you start slowly with small doses until you find the amount that gives you the most relief while avoiding any unpleasant side effects.
  • "Will my office visit and my purchase of medical marijuana products be covered by insurance?" Unfortunately, no insurance companies yet offer coverage for medical marijuana office visits or products.
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